Usman Siddique

Hi, I’m Usman Siddique

WordPress Designer
& Front-end Developer

Usman Siddique

My Experience & professional skills

I have worked with some of the top companies in my country and have gained experience that helped me grow more in my career.


WordPress Designer

Social Buzz

Social Buzz is all in one service provider company that provides SMM, digital marketing, app development, web developemnt and graphic designing related services.

My task was to maintain and update existing client’s websites. Meeting with clients, talk about their needs and develop website for them.


WordPress Designer

Ellite Commerce

Ellite Commerce is an ecommerce agency that provides ecommerce related services to its clients all over the world. 

My task was to maintain and update existing websites and develop websites for new client.

Learning is a life long process that never ends. Skill is what comes with learning and practice.


Reason Why hire me?

I have all the skills and experience required for your project. I am confident that I can make immediate impact on your project or company.

Creative Idea

I communicate what I struggle to make all crystal clear. I can communicate my ideas well.


I can work within a team, collaborate well with developers because I’m frontend-end developer myself, and I love feedbacks.

Management Skills

In Ellite Commerce I manage the whole process from acquiring clients, project timeline, until project delivery.

Client’s Favourite

I have been freelancing for 2 years, working directly with overseas and local clients and experience is the best teacher.

Interested in working with me?

Usman Siddique

Usman Siddique

 A passionate and hard-working WordPress & Front-end Developer with the ability to self-learning. Always interested in learning about new technology. Ability to work in a team and on multiple projects at the same time.